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Many business owners put IT low on their priority list, treating it as a nice-to-have but not a must-have. It’s an afterthought or forgotten completely. Organizations that rely on technology may put the priority a little higher but even that’s not a guarantee.

Companies focusing on IT have greater process efficiency and less downtime compared to their unprepared competitors. This gives them a huge advantage and can act as an accelerator to become even better. Technology is the tool that lets you accomplish more with the resources you have. You may even be able to simplify by reassigning resources to ensure their best use.

Why Don’t More Businesses Harness the Power of IT?

Business owners may not realize how much of a business accelerator IT can be. Up-to-date IT processes can minimize friction within company processes, streamline automation and improve workflow.

Unfortunately, instead of looking for ways to improve a “good enough” process, busy business owners do things as they’ve always done. They don’t consider that a better way to use IT could improve their processes.

3 Questions to Ask about Using Technology to Accelerate Your Business

Let’s say a company’s timekeeping process is problematic.

Maybe employees don’t understand how to clock in, are able to cheat the system or the system loses track of who clocked in at what time. Upgrading to a user-friendly facial recognition clock could solve these problems.

You have to take the next step, though. You must acknowledge the system can be improved, then ask yourself 3 simple questions:

  1. Can technology help improve this system?
  2. What are the technology tools out there that can help?
  3. If you don’t have knowledgeable staff to do the research, set the systems up or train employees to use new tools, who can help you figure it out?

Many business owners don’t know solving issues such as a time clock can propel their organizations forward.

How Right-Size Technology Helps Accelerate Your Business

Business owners can’t always see problems if something isn’t obviously broken. That’s just not where they spend their time. If IT seems to be working fine, they let it be and stretch the infrastructure as far as possible. Other initiatives take priority and IT is only dealt with when something goes wrong.

This approach works against your organization.

There are 3 ways right-size IT infrastructure can help accelerate your business:

  1. Operate efficiently. Right-sized IT infrastructure with the correct specifications for your organization ensures that your business processes operate efficiently, you get the full lifetime out of your equipment and it aligns with your company’s specific needs to maximize your return on investment.
  2. Avoid risk. As a business, your goal should be to minimize your IT footprint by limiting the number of access points people use to connect to your network. With a right-sized IT infrastructure potential hackers will see your network as a secure system not worth the effort to attempt to penetrate.
  3. Focus on the business. An IT infrastructure designed for your company prevents headaches. Recurring issues, downtime and other inefficiencies are no longer your problem. Your staff is able to focus on building, automating and optimizing the overall business. Your network supports your vision for the organization.

How Does IT Impact a Business Owner’s Budget?

When handled correctly, budget allocations validate management priorities. IT is included to help the company evolve and stay competitive whether owners want to grow the organization or simply maintain their current success while seeking additional efficiencies.

Organizations that don’t budget for IT have to request changes or updates and then justify each expenditure as it arises. Those companies spend more on unplanned IT costs and suffer through downtime, staff productivity losses and overall inefficiencies while waiting for approval and resolution.

You want a technology plan, and the corresponding budget, that starts where your company is today and incorporates your vision over the next three years. You’ll not only avoid unplanned technology issues, you’ll accelerate your organization’s success.

We Align IT with Your Business Goals

At Network Tech, we put a lot of work into fully understanding your business vision so we can implement an IT strategy and infrastructure that deliver the best results. Our plans ensure uptime and productivity. And, if it’s your goal, you’ll be able to seek out new revenue streams, take advantage of new opportunities and scale solutions to your current needs.

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