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If the Chiefs winning their first Super Bowl in 50 years didn’t make 2020 a landmark for you, the rest of the year cemented its status as a game-changer. The pandemic and election-year shenanigans have added a layer of uncertainty to your 2021 plans and budgets. Regardless of your political leanings – or your joy for the Chiefs’ win – 2020 taught us to prepare for uncontrollable external factors.

Consulting with a professional IT managed service provider (MSP) is necessary for Kansas City metro-area businesses in 2021 to ensure cybersecurity and compliance functions are correctly in place. Without a managed service provider, your data will be at risk.

Managed IT

Today’s data collection tools use up to 2,500 data points per person to identify your details and even your physical location. 2020 election strategies employed advanced data collection tactics to form opinions and influence the vote. From AI-powered predictions to gathering voters’ personal data, political campaigns have crossed over into microtargeting and influencing voters via social media and data-gathering direct response ads.

You’re probably wondering what election results have to do with your business. It’s all about data. Just as data is valuable to political campaigns, it is one of the most important resources your company has. Every bit of data you’ve collected over the years is up for grabs if a cybercriminal attacks your network. So, acquiring, using, and protecting your company data across your entire infrastructure is a must.

Outsourcing IT to a managed service provider gives you the protection you need and the confidence your data is safe by taking complex IT functions off your plate. With Network Tech, you’ll get innovative services, improved business performance, and 24/7/365 monitoring for your network, your computers, and every managed device your team uses.

Secure IT

During the 2020 presidential election, Microsoft detected successful and unsuccessful cyberattacks targeting voters and political organizations. Microsoft confirmed that foreign groups stepped up efforts to influence the U.S. elections. A majority of these attacks were detected and stopped by Microsoft security tools.

While the stakes in U.S. national elections are very high, foreign cybercriminals don’t stop there. Hackers are also after data that small and medium-sized Kansas City businesses store.

By outsourcing IT to Network Tech, you can achieve enterprise-level cybersecurity at a small-business price. As Kansas City’s most trusted managed service provider, we manage your cybersecurity risk with Cybersecurity Awareness training and vendor assessments that ensure your third-party vendors are keeping your information secure under their watch as well.

Resilient IT

Since the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, ransomware attacks have exploded. Because critical infrastructure and digital systems are profoundly susceptible to breaches, global cybercriminals are ever-vigilant, looking for ways to attack your data and hold it for ransom.

U.S. military, Microsoft and state election officials have shored up cybersecurity, protecting voting systems and hindering misinformation from foreign attackers. Take a page from election officials and prepare for potential disasters like ransomware and phishing. Ensuring that your business can recover quickly and continue operations after a disaster is an essential part of any business plan in 2021.

Data recovery and business continuity plans make your IT resilient by protecting servers, networks, storage systems and entire data centers. Without these best practices, about 60% of businesses close their doors within 6 months of a disaster. Imagine losing all of your data. Could your business recover?

Strategic IT

As the 2020 elections ramped up early in the year, officials feared Russians would hack the vote during Super Tuesday primaries. Although this didn’t come to pass, a host of technical malfunctions frustrated voters across the country. California’s voting machine shutdowns, Minnesota’s and Texas’ web traffic troubles to provide polling locations and even national robocalls spreading disinformation made all voters leery of the next election cycle.

Technical difficulties also can wreak havoc on your business operations and customers’ confidence in your ability to meet their needs. When you need high-level assessments of your IT architecture plan, you need a managed service provider like Network Tech. We will help you make informed IT decisions to improve workflow and keep your costs down.

Properly tested and correctly executed, implementation stops technology issues from the start. Giving you – and your customers – the confidence in your systems necessary to provide best-in-class service.

Compliant IT

Regardless of your business’ size, it must comply with PPI and privacy laws as well. As your regulatory compliance partner, Network Tech will reduce your company’s threat penetration risk and ensure your vendors are performing privacy due diligence as well.

Don’t go through your next compliance audit alone. Our team of exam- and audit-tested IT professionals will stand by your side and ensure you meet regulatory guidelines and audit recommendations.

Make IT Work for You

Whether you believe your current IT strategies are working or not, a cybersecurity and compliance IT consultation will pay off in 2021. Call us to talk through a strategy or schedule a complimentary IT assessment so you’ll start 2021 off right, no matter what the new year brings.