Business leaders are not supposed to be the office IT technician. But, in far too many offices, when something goes wrong with the printer, emails or conference room phone, the only “policy” in place is to report the issue to “The Boss.” In these situations, leadership winds up spending more time fixing old, faulty technology or sitting on the phone with an IT company than they do managing their teams or strategizing improvements to further business goals.

If you and the managers under your command are constantly working to fix IT problems, it’s likely that your current IT provider doesn’t have proven processes in place to support your company. When your IT provider prioritizes preparation and sets clear expectations through policies and procedures, your business thrives with consistent and controlled results.

IT Support Should Accelerate Your Business

Anyone who runs a business knows competition doesn’t stop. Someone must have their eye on ways to maximize revenue, control costs, reduce risk and improve the quality of your products and services. This constant improvement is required to keep your business competitive and growing while offering your clients the best possible service. Anyone can fix a PC, but a valuable IT partner will improve your business.

When your leadership team is spending too much time on tasks that don’t move the business forward, the consequences are clear: your business doesn’t progress and you can’t remain competitive in the industry.

Fortunately, there is an ideal solution to the problem of managers being treated as IT support:

An experienced IT partner who gives you the technological foundation you need to grow your business. Further, that partner should value policies and procedure to make that growth seamless.

Why Policies and Procedures are the Solution

To understand how prioritizing policies and procedures in information technology can help your business, first look at your current policies. If “The Boss” is always called when the printer is on the fritz, that is your policy. If the solution to a paper jam is to kick the printer, press a few buttons and give up, that is the procedure. Put in this light, almost any organized and well-reasoned solution is an improvement, but you can do even better than that. By building a set of technology policies and procedures with the help of an experienced IT team, you can significantly improve how your entire staff handles technical problems. You can finally be freed from being de facto IT support.

Prioritizing policies and procedures in your IT service has other benefits, too, such as:

  • Keeping your business information safe
  • Ensuring you meet legal and regulatory requirements
  • Defining expectations with your employees
  • Avoiding possible risks resulting from information leakage
  • Keeping up with constant changes and advancements in IT

Good IT policies and procedures clearly outline what your staff should do when they run into a technical problem. This makes the solution not only flexible but scalable and able to be implemented by anyone who can follow the outlined procedure.

Take Back Your Leadership Title

With the help of experienced IT professionals, you can once again focus on what matters most to your business. The right IT partner should help you leverage technology in ways that help you achieve your business goals.

Network Tech specializes in tried-and-proven business technology and sound procedures to handle the technical issues that come up on a day-to-day basis in your office. If your leadership team has been hammered with constant requests to fix the printer, phones and software instead of having the freedom to actually lead, let us help you build new IT policies and procedures that will allow your staff to handle technical issues on their own.

Contact us today for a consultation on your unique office situation. We’re ready to help your team become IT independent with a strong new set of IT policies and procedures.