Protect your business data and network from cybercriminals

Why Cybersecurity is so Important & Why Every Business Should Have a Plan

Cybersecurity for BusinessCybersecurity provides critical modern day security frameworks with defined controls that help businesses stay ahead of sophisticated, strategic, and widespread cyberattacks.
Basic security tools like firewalls and antivirus software alone are no longer sufficient to protect businesses from system compromises that can happen because of brute force cracking, zero-day exploits, ransomware, malware, and other types
of cyberattacks.

To understand why cybersecurity is so important to daily business operations and processes its helpful to understand the consequences cybercrime and cyberattacks have on businesses today.

  • Damages from cybercrime is estimated to cost the world $10.5 trillion dollars annually by 20251
  • Developerss, on average, produce over 100 billion lines of code every year and that number continues to rise. This means inevitable vulnerabilities in code will cause a continued rise in zero-day exploits (a cyberattack that occurs on the same day a weakness is discovered in software code. It is exploited before the creator can provide a fix).
  • The most recent statistics from the FBI email compromises have cost businesses over $12.5 billion since 20162
  • The top 5 industries hat cyberattacks target and damage are: Healthcare, financial services, transportation, manufacturing and government3
  • Kits and tools that encourage and enable hackers to create ransomware, malware and other types of malicious software can be purchased quickly and inexpensively, online.4

Without cybersecurity policies and controls in place businesses are at an increased risk of being victimized by cybercriminals.

Cloud Computing
Benefits & Cybersecurity Risks

Technology today is incredibly fast paced and difficult to keep up with. Business IT infrastructure is no longer completely housed behind four walls. New technologies have allowed business operations, communications, data storage, and collaboration to become “cloud-based”. Businesses are relying more and more on remote servers hosting line of business applications.

Cloud Computing Benefits

  • Efficiency: cloud infrastructure means businesses do not have to invest in hardware, and physical infrastructure
  • Scalability & Agility: Businesses can scale resources on-demand without having to worry about investing in more physical infrastructure.
  • Mobile Access: Users can easily access information from anywhere, on most any device, 24/7/365, when connected to the internet.

Cloud Computing Risks

  • Compliance Violations: Data protection laws and regulations (i.e., GDPR in Europe, HIPAA for healthcare, FDIC for banking) make staying compliant more difficult. Businesses must adhere to strict rules governing who can access data and what they can do with it. Cloud computing’s easy access to data makes it even more important to deploy proper controls to safeguard your infrastructure. Simply putting running your business on a cloud platform or storing your data in the cloud does not eliminate the need for layerd security.
  • Data Breaches and Identity Theft: With cloud computing, business sensitive data is in someone else’s hands. If a cloud-based service provider’s security is breached, hackers can potentially gain access to the personal information of your employees and customers resulting in identity theft. Identity theft is especially damaging since it typically results in customers losing faith in your business and ultimately big revenue loss.
  • Malware Infections: The more and more businesses rely on the internet to connect and share data, the more risk there is for exposure to viruses, worms, trojan software, ransomware and zero-day exploits, to mention a few, designed to cause damage to a client machines, servers, and entire networks.


On-Premises, In the Cloud or Both
Cybersecurity Should Be a Priority

Almost all businesses utilize cloud services. It seems like just yesterday that data and IT infrastructure were owned, secured, and located within the four walls of a business. Today if a business is not 100% in the cloud then they are slowly migrating in that direction.

It’s important for businesses to understand how to be proactive about protecting their data both on-premises and in the cloud.

Network Tech recommends every business utilize a Cybersecurity Framework to make sure they protect themselves from cyberattacks. Every business is different and there are various recommended levels of cybersecurity framework policies and controls that can be followed, depending on the business’s tolerance for risk.

Chris Robertson - vCIO and Team Lead“Network Tech is continually informing our clients about risks and emerging threats. As a partner, a trusted advisor, and extension of our clients’ internal team, we specialize in mitigating risk. We provide a broad spectrum of cybersecurity resources, policy and control recommendations as well as remediation and rapid incident response, if a compromise happens.” – Chris Robertson | Network Tech vCIO, Team Lead




Network Tech uses CIS Controls™ as the framework for the Cybersecurity Solutions it provides to its clients.CIS (Center for Internet Security) Controls™ are a prioritized set of actions that collectively form a defense-in-depth set of best practices that mitigate the most common attacks against a our clients business’ systems and networks.

There are five critical tenets in all Network Tech Cybersecurity Solutions (directed by CIS Controls™):

1. Offense Informs Defense: Use knowledge of actual attacks that have compromised a client’s system in the past to provide the foundation to continually learn from these events and build effective, practical defenses.

2. Prioritization: Invest first in Controls that will provide the client with the greatest risk reduction and protection against the most dangerous cyberattacks and make sure that the controls can be feasibly implemented in the client’s IT infrastructure.

3. Measurements and Metrics: Establish common metrics to provide a shared language for executives, IT specialists, auditors, and security officials to measure the effectiveness of Network Tech’s Cybersecurity measures within client’s business so that required adjustments can be identified and implemented quickly.

4. Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation: Carry out continuous measurements to test and validate the effectiveness of cybersecurity measures, this help drive the priority of “next steps”.

5. Automation: Automate defenses so that the business can achieve reliable, scalable, and continuous measurements of their adherence to the Controls and related metrics.


Network Tech’s Cybersecurity Solutions
Peace of Mind Protection

Most security compromises are a result of mistakes or oversights made by business management or employees. A few of the most common ones are:

1) Lack of Security Awareness Training (SAT): Failure to provide formal cybersecurity education to employees about information security threats and the company’s policies and procedures for mitigating them.

Security awareness training is critical because cyber threats are everywhere in always-connected work environments. Threats are also continuously changing. The weakest points in a business for exploits are the “human” firewalls. By nature, humans are too curious, or they don’t pay enough attention; by clicking on the “wrong thing” they can usher in all kinds of security breaches.

2) Improper Selection & Vetting of Core Vendors: Not taking the time to perform due diligence when signing on with a vendor. It is critical to rank them and making sure they meet your business’s security requirements and that they always follow your business’s security guidelines.

3) Business Email Compromise (BEC): A form of cybercrime which uses email fraud to attack organizations to achieve a specific outcome which negatively impacts the target organization. Examples include invoice scams and spear phishing spoof attacks which are designed to gather data for other criminal activities. Emails will typically issue instructions, such as approving payments or releasing client data. The emails often use social engineering to trick the victim into making money transfers to the bank account of the fraudster. The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation recorded $26 billion of US and international losses associated with BEC attacks between June 2017 and July 2019.5


Network Tech’s Expert Cybersecurity Team provides businesses with 24/7/365 peace of mind information security solutions.No matter the size of an organization, available resources, or level of cybersecurity expertise the NTI Team helps businesses implement rock solid cybersecurity policies, controls, monitoring and reporting to keep the bad guys out.

Jeremiah Reid - IT Operations Manager“NTI is always transparent…
we believe in providing clients with detailed information about what is going on with their network at all times. Reporting is provided to clients weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually (depending on need).”
– Jeremiah “JJ” Reid | Network Tech IT Operations Manager


If your business needs a cybersecurity plan, or you want to revisit your current one, Network Tech can provide a FREE Security Assessment to ensure that proper security controls are integrated into your current technology environment.

Our FREE Security Assessment Includes:

  • Evaluating your business’s network/cybersecurity footprint
  • Scanning and examining the endpoints on your network
  • Review of current patch levels
  • Determining status of support for hardware and software (internal support or vendor support)
  • Determining whether or not vendors are meeting your business needs
  • Confirm any EOL (end of life) infrastructure
  • Cursory look at directories, permissions and are users are being tended to effectively

After we provide you with our initial security assessment, we’ll offer Network Tech Cybersecurity Solutions to ensure you mitigate any immediate risks quickly. From there, it’s peace of mind, knowing that Network Tech’s Cybersecurity Team is protecting your business from cyberattacks 24/7/365.

Cybersecurity Scaled to Need
Fully Managed or Co-Managed

Whether your business needs Fully Managed or Co-Managed Cybersecurity Service and Support, Network Tech has you covered.

Network Tech’s Cybersecurity Solutions are incredibly flexible, designed to fit perfectly with unique business needs. What does your business or IT Staff need help with? If you are not sure, we can help you with that too.

Below is a list of our Cybersecurity Services:

  • Short and Long-Term Strategic Cybersecurity Planning (policies and controls)
  • System Entity Relationship Diagraming
  • Manage Software Assets (inventory, track, correct)
  • Continuous Vulnerability Management
  • Track, Control, Prevent and Correct Administrative Privileges
  • Secure Configuration for Hardware and Software on Mobile Devices, Laptops, Workstations and Servers
  • Maintenance, Monitoring and Analysis of Audit Logs
  • Email and Web Browser Protections
  • Malware Defenses
  • Limitation and Control of Network Ports, Protocols, and Services
  • Data Recovery Processes and Tools
  • Secure Configuration for Network Devices (firewalls, routers, and switches)
  • Boundary Defense
  • Data Protection
  • Controlled Access Based on the Need to Know
  • Wireless Access Control
  • Account Monitoring and Control
  • Design & Implementation of Security Awareness and Training Programs
  • Application Software Security
  • Incident Response and Management
  • Ongoing Cybersecurity Reporting
  • Client-Side Dashboard Reporting Tools
  • Support for Compliance, Audits, Federal and State Regulatory Exams, Remediation Efforts
  • Penetration Testing (PEN Tests)
  • My IT Process

What’s Available?

    IT Netowrk Security Kansas City - Network Tech  

Risk Management Process

Our proprietary diagnostic scanning process detects and classifies system weaknesses at every layer, accurately predicting the effectiveness of countermeasures.

IT Managed and Co-Manged - Network Tech Kansas City

IT Security Training

Cyber vulnerabilities are not limited to external threats. Network Tech assesses your employees’ ability to identify and avoid phishing attacks and offers training to address any skill gaps.

IT Managed and Co-Manged - Network Tech Kansas City

“Pen Test” Tools

Most businesses do not have the time or the expertise to systematically check their cyber defense strategies. Network Tech’s team of highly skilled cybersecurity experts deploy tactical approaches to uncover vulnerabilities and offers cost-effective methods to reinforce your data networks.

IT Security Vendor Vetting

Vendor Assessments

Streamlining communication flow with your vertical partners can increase staff productivity but can also create IT challenges. Network Tech’s vendor-analysis processes ensure that your vendors keep your data and network secure.

IT Managed and Co-Manged - Network Tech Kansas City

Managed Firewall

At Network Tech managed firewall provides secure application control, logging capabilities, and real-time reporting; freeing your business from allocating internal resources for IT policy management, upgrades, and patch deployment.

Why Network Tech For Secure IT?

  • Expertise
    We follow proactive best-practice strategies to secure your business at all security layers,
    minimize downtime and identify threats before they can harm your data.


  • Whole System Approach
    Anyone can provide you with antivirus software and routers. Network Tech’s intentional
    approach to securing your network follows well-proven processes managed by the best IT team in the Midwest.


  • Partnership and Teamwork
    Security is not a “set it and forget it” function of your business. That’s why at Network Tech we schedule
    meetings, provide comprehensive reporting and truly partner with you to build and maintain defense
    strategies that work for your business, your budget, and your unique network structure.
This issue was addressed immediately. Scott contacted Kristina,
got on her computer, and eliminated the possible threat.
This was all completed within 40 minutes of receiving the support ticket.
He then followed up with her to make sure all was well.

Janelle Beauchamp, COO
Cowell James Forge Insurance Group

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