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Need help with daily IT management but don’t need to outsource everything?

Co-Managed IT a Smart Solution with Many Business Benefits

Co-Managed IT Services - Network TechCo-Managed IT Solutions, simply put, means giving your in-house IT Staff the additional benefit of an extended team of “outsourced” IT Specialists. Experts specifically suited to help with the mind-boggling, day-to-day management of your business’s specific IT infrastructure and its users.

Today’s IT landscape is more complicated than ever before. It is very common to hear in-house IT Managers express frustration, feel overworked, and even panicked in some cases, by the sheer volume and complexity of the tasks they are faced with each day. From supporting desktop users, to performing server maintenance, keeping up with network security, communications, compliance, data backups and much more. The list is long and the required skill set is often vast.

Nonetheless, IT Managers know how critical it is to keep up with it all. Preventing points of failure is a must if they are to ensure ongoing business success.

Most IT Managers will tell you their biggest concerns come from realizing vulnerabilities in the business technology infrastructur they manage. Where there are vulnerabilities not being addressed, whether it’s due to lack of time or lack of knowledge, it should be a major concern. Potential or existing vulnerabilities in cybersecurity are good reason to stop and ask, “what is the best course of action to overcome IT issues quickly, to ensure our business doesn’t suffer debilitating downtime, client and employee frustration and lost revenue?”

Co-Managed IT = Flexibility & Scalability
Services Tailored Specifically to Business Need

Businesses who seek rock solid, reliable IT expertise to assist with co-managing their rigorous daily IT demand, benefit in multiple ways!

A hybrid IT management solution, in which an organization maintains an internal IT Staff for certain functions, while
outsourcing heavy lifting or specialized tasks to a focused group of IT Experts, gives them a huge leg up. Hybrid, co-managed solutions mean internal IT Staff can focus on day-to-day operations and workflow and leave other critical tasks and support in the hands of highly qualified, Network Tech Allies.

When both external and internal IT Teams work together businesses can benefit greatly with improved efficiency, productivity, growth, and profitability. Every problem that is avoided by smart planning and proactive service also contributes to long-term business health by minimizing downtime, keeping clients happy and employees at ease.

Network Tech’s Co-Managed IT Solutions are incredibly flexible, designed to fit perfectly with unique business needs. What does your IT Staff need help with? If you are not sure, we can help you with that too:

  • Short and Long-Term Strategic Technology Planning & Development
  • Access to Advanced, Enterprise Level Technology Solutions
  • Regulatory Compliance Programs
  • Audit Prep and Support
  • Cybersecurity Planning, Monitoring, and Response
  • Backup Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Disaster Recovery
  • End User Help Desk Support
  • Application Support
  • Technology Maintenance Management
  • Server Management
  • IT Workload Distribution & Gap Coverage
  • Unified Communications
  • VoIP Business Phone Systems

Co-managed IT Support is also highly scalable, increase or decrease the amount of support your business requires at any time. Network Tech makes it easy to achieve top-notch tech support for your business without the hefty price tag and hiring headaches.

Co-Managed IT is Cost Effective
Share the load & Save Money

Global IT spending was approximately $3.6 trillion in 2020 and is estimated to increase by about 4% in 20211. Determining annual IT budgets can be a real eye opener. Realizing how complex and expensive rock-solid IT infrastructure and support can be is often overwhelming. And as technology continues to change at such an unprecedented pace, the amount of time, resources and responsibility businesses invest, just to stay on top of it all, requires the same unprecedented effort.

It’s a fact, IT spending isn’t something businesses can cut back on too much, without inviting security risks.

A Network Tech Co-Managed IT Solution provides businesses with all the security perks for a fraction of the price. By outsourcing, there is no longer a need to finance the overhead that comes with having full-time, IT Staff with diverse skill sets. Additionally, hiring costs, such as healthcare, payroll tax and other employee overhead is completely avoided. With such excellent cost reductions, Network Tech’s Co-Managed IT is a great way for businesses to save money and reinvest saved dollars into growth strategies.

Key Benefits of Co-Managed IT
Focused, Proactive, Highlly Skilled, Transparent

The shift many businesses are making to Co-Managed IT Services is a result of moving away from the idea that a one-size-fits-all IT approach is simple, it is actually not and most of the time ends up very costly with minimal practical value.

Network Tech’s Co-Managed IT Services provide critical benefits:

  • Highly Focused Support: Client satisfaction is the mission of our Co-Managed IT Services. Whether we are temporarily filling in for skilled in-house IT Staff or deploying critical software updates, cybersecurity solutions, or anything else your business needs assistance with, Network Tech’s Co-Managed Support focuses 100% on meeting and exceeding every business client’s expectations.
  • Proactive Cost Management: Network Tech Co-Managed IT Services provide both fixed and flexible price options. Every business has unique IT Support needs, Network Tech works closely with every client to design the ideal mix of IT Services and Support that adhere to defined budgets.
  • Full Scope IT Service: Co-Managed Services are not just about supplementing staff. IT Teams can also benefit from assistance with all types of IT infrastructure and management complexities. Network Tech Co-Managed IT Support is focused and 100% on-demand scalable to specific business needs.
  • 100% Transparency: Always know exactly what is happening and when. Network Tech can provide 24/7/365 monitoring of IT infrastructure, giving in-house IT Managers 100% visibility to network system health and security, as well as time off.


Network Tech will help your business remove IT complexities with confidence, improve business efficiencies and productivity while also helping reduce security risks.

By partnering with our team of Co-Managed IT Experts you will build a resilient IT foundation, positioning your business to experience, true peace of mind, improved performance and increased profit.

Our expert team of committed professionals will allow you to never again worry about surprise IT costs. Partner with Network Tech to receive best-in-class computer & network support. You focus on growing your business and we’ll give you the IT foundation you need to get there!



What’s Available?

    IT Managed and Co-Manged - Network Tech Kansas City  

24/7/365 Tools

Networks, computers, cloud services…our team of network administrators proactively monitors every managed endpoint device.

IT Managed and Co-Manged - Network Tech Kansas City

Appropriate Redundancy

Downtime is expensive. Network Tech designs your IT ecosystem to ensure resiliency and maximize uptime.

Business Continuity IT System Preparation and Protection - Kansas City

Proactive Network Design

We are forward-thinking about your technology needs. We uncover technology challenges so issues are detected early or avoided completely.

IT Netowrk Security Kansas City - Network Tech

Minimize Risk

Intentionally designed, layered configurations and robust security processes provide security efficacies, reduce risk, and build confidence.

IT Managed and Co-Manged - Network Tech Kansas City

Seamless Integration

We take the time to understand and document your business environment.  We then implement the agile IT infrastructure needed to keep your business on track.

Why Network Tech For Co-Managed IT Services?

  • Enterprise Level IT
    By partnering with Network Tech you gain the expertise of a dedicated vCIO, network administrators, support, new technology deployment, and centralized services staff – at a fraction of the payroll cost for equal capabilities.
  • Process Driven Support
    We ensure that technology issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. The end user is kept apprised at all times of updates, operating system patches, and any other systems maintenance tasks currently being addressed.
  • Partnership Approach
    Unlike an IT vendor, we become fully involved with your strategic IT planning. We participate in regularly scheduled business review meetings for short and long-term planning, budgeting, and consulting on the technology aspect of their business. Our partnership approach to IT solutions is designed for our clients to entrust us with this facet which allows them to spend more time focusing on their business and less time worrying about technology.














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