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At Network Tech, our primary focus is the security of our customers. We have seen the destruction that cybercrime can have on businesses. Alongside the pandemic, it has been one of the most significant factors that can single-handedly cause an organization to close its doors.

ATNSC_thumbnailWhen organizations do experience a security breach, it can cause irreparable harm to the relationship between the company and its customers. Businesses also face steep costs to repair any damage sustained during an attack.

To help Kansas and Missouri organizations better understand the layered security approach necessary to achieve an optimal security posture, we welcome you to download our latest resource: Advanced Tools for Network Security and Compliance.


Network Tech’s Secure IT program deploys network controls to reduce the risk of a breach.

We work with businesses to help assess, build and monitor security across their platforms. We use our understanding of security policies to protect businesses, helping with everything from managed IT services to remaining compliant with applicable regulations.


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If you are interested in learning more about how Network Tech can help protect your organization from cybercrime and remain compliant with critical regulations, sign up to get your free assessment. We will provide you with a security risk assessment and offer recommendations to help you better protect your data and your business.

Why Network Tech For Secure IT?

  • Expertise
    We follow proactive best-practice strategies to secure your business at all security layers,
    minimize downtime and identify threats before they can harm your data.


  • Whole System Approach
    Anyone can provide you with antivirus software and routers. Network Tech’s intentional
    approach to securing your network follows well-proven processes managed by the best IT team in the Midwest.


  • Partnership and Teamwork
    Security is not a “set it and forget it” function of your business. That’s why at Network Tech we schedule
    meetings, provide comprehensive reporting and truly partner with you to build and maintain defense
    strategies that work for your business, your budget, and your unique network structure.
This issue was addressed immediately. Scott contacted Kristina,
got on her computer, and eliminated the possible threat.
This was all completed within 40 minutes of receiving the support ticket.
He then followed up with her to make sure all was well.

Janelle Beauchamp, COO
Cowell James Forge Insurance Group

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