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Olathe, KS – Network Tech introduces Secure IT, a new enterprise approach to data safety and network security for businesses of all sizes.

Designed to protect businesses from security threats on three levels and from any origination point, Network Tech’s Secure IT suite of services includes intentional, strategic and resilient functionality to protect users, minimize downtime and identify threats before they can harm company data.

“Anyone can provide you with antivirus software and routers,” says Tim Wayland, Vice President of Network Tech. “Our Secure IT offering will give local businesses and financial institutions a better solution to reduce the risks and costs of phishing, ransomware, and other cyber threats through end-user education, network analysis and deep reporting.”

According to the Webroot 2017 Quarterly Threat Trends report, over the last two years, 65 percent of businesses experienced as many as 10 cybersecurity incidents. During that time, phishing attacks were the most common threats they faced, and 45 percent of businesses reported infections related to insider negligence.

The Secure IT offering represents an integral component of Network Tech’s Intentional IT offering, which also includes Managed IT, Strategic IT, Resilient IT, and Compliant IT. Together these encompass a client-focused mindset that follows well-proven processes comprised of planning, preparation and purpose.

“Our best practice solutions, honed by 25+ years of experience as a managed services provider, offer true partnership opportunities resulting in enterprise class results for businesses of any size,” says, Brandon Holley, Business Development Manager for Network Tech.