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Tom Chisholm - President Network TechTom Chisholm – President

A co-founder of Network Technologies, Tom is a technology visionary. In 1993, when he formed the company, he chose the name “Network Technologies” because networking PCs to share information was a new and innovative business concept he wanted to bring the SMB. He is regularly reviewing and researching new tech. Tom’s commitment to staying ahead of the knowledge curve keeps Network Technologies at the forefront of Kansas City tech companies. This drive, in turn, challenges his colleagues to continue to think outside the box in providing customized and practical IT solutions. Tom saw the changing business trends early and led Network Technologies from being a value-added reseller to one of Kansas City’s first managed service providers (MSP) over a decade ago. To always do “the right thing,” as he likes to say, is his style of leadership, which provides the foundation on which the company is built.

Tom enjoys camping and spending time with his wife and grandkids or piddling in his workshop. He is an active member of the 151st Street Church of Christ. Additionally, he serves on the Board of Trustees, as Treasurer, for Ghana West Africa Missions.

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