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Gigi Rice - Operations Manager Network TechGigi Rice – Operations Manager

Gigi is a natural at organization, coordination, and focusing on the details. These are essential skills for her current responsibilities of invoicing clients, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and report management. She assists in the organization and structure of the office as a whole as well. She started as a service coordinator, then support manager, and is currently the operations manager. She is looking forward to celebrating her decade milestone with Network Tech soon.

Gigi is always ready for a challenge. She is typically a part of everything we are testing in-house concerning our reporting and management software. Be it an addition to what is currently in place, or going outside the box to find a resolve, Gigi solves problems!

Gigi and her fiancé enjoy being outdoors and partaking in any activity that will take them outside. She enjoys being with family and often travels to different parts of Kansas, Texas, and Illinois to visit relatives and friends. She has two Siberian huskies, Dax and Domina, whom she refers to as her fuzzy children.

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