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Get a partner in IT management

If the demands of managing every aspect of your business technology in house are becoming too much for your IT staff, [company_short] has the solution.

Whether you need someone to take over the tedious everyday tasks of IT maintenance or assistance with large projects, our team is here to help.

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Free up your time and resources by outsourcing key IT functions to a partner you can trust.


Services & Solutions from [company_short] to maximize your IT resources include:

  • Network Monitoring – 24/7 monitoring automatically alerts you when issues arise, help you prioritize them, and uses a follow-up system to ensure that their resolved. Help your team work more efficiently. No more email or post it based support methods!
  • Projects – Do you have a list of projects but not enough time? Rather than spending hours researching how to upgrade that piece of software, spending your weekend in the office doing it, and then spending more time troubleshooting unexpected problems. Lean on our experience and expertise and outsource those projects with us.
  • Cloud Services – Considering a move to the cloud? There are so many considerations and risk factors to consider before making the move. We’ve helped our clients gain efficiency, accessibility, and increase return on investment with well thought out and planned moves into the cloud.
  • Backup Solutions – Sure you’ve got a backup system in place. But what actually happens to your business if you have a hardware failure? Network Tech offers a best in class backup solution that not only protects you if you fall. It actually picks you up and gets you running in less than 30 minutes.
  • Hosted VoIP – Telephony is a confusing world for some. We have years of experience in the telephony world. We’ve seen lots of different phones systems some good and plenty bad. Partner with Network Tech for an expertly installed, supported, and managed phone system that will help your business rather than hinder it. We have 6 certified technicians ready to help!
  • Structured Cabling – Years of experience, up to date certifications, and a master electrician on staff means our full service cabling division can handle any project. Whether it’s new cabling design/implementation, certifying/troubleshooting existing cabling, VoIP Phone install/management, or security installs/management; we can handle all of your cabling needs.

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